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Missing streets (10):
#CityStreet name*edit in JOSMBuildings which need that
1ViljandiMoonismall bboxfull bbox6433251885, 433251886, 433251887, 433251888, 433251889, 433251890,
2ViljandiHiie pstsmall bboxfull bbox2529623424, 529623425,
3ViljandiJohann Kölerismall bboxfull bbox2488841429, 488841430,
4ViljandiKarjasmall bboxfull bbox2433257206, 433257208,
5ViljandiLõikusesmall bboxfull bbox2433260937, 433260939,
6ViljandiTallinnasmall bboxfull bbox2502829880, 502833068,
7ViljandiJärvesmall bboxfull bbox1433257209,
8ViljandiRauasmall bboxfull bbox1502826236,
9ViljandiRaudteesmall bboxfull bbox1195294246,
10ViljandiTähesmall bboxfull bbox1488839259,
*Note that all street names are given according to OSM tags taken from buildings. Double check street name before creating it.